Citrix kindly set up an account on (user id piete.brooks) for 5.0.0RC3 reports. Tickets appear as CCL-<N>. Having created one, click on "Watch it".

CCL-1 got one response, but in general the system appears to be ignored.

Citrix Support

After iap10's kind offer of Xen Enterprise licences, the department obtained some NFR licences in 2008/07. John.Glendenning (VP EMEA) arranged the licences, and initially put us in contact with Lee.Bushen (SE Manager in the UK for XenServer). Lynn.Martin (Territory Sales Manager - Server Virtualization) then forwarded info to Assist Limited (Adam Torbox). [ All email addresses are ]

The support is 9x5. It is incident based. Given a count, and see how things go.
Later Lynn arranged it via their Technical Support team in Dublin. Their named contact (for "Cambridge University Labs" -- seems to mean "The whole of Cambridge University") is Julian King jpk28, who can phone 0800 587 9031, selecting English (1), Technical Support (2), quote agreement number 3139775, and then log a call.

Can use a web form (needs account, which may take 6 hours to activate). Hover over "Choose a Toolbox" and select "Tech Support - Online Problem Reporting" (I get

An error has occurred. support staff have been notified of the error. If the problem persists, please contact Citrix Customer Service for assistance.

Local experts are pb22 and bdj23. (who in the SRG??)

The licences are loaded by installing the CL-xe-license RPM. We have speapare licences per machine, but Citrix are happy for us to use the same one on all machines. May change if the Citrix Licence Server is brought into use. They actually ended up as two year test licences, with explicit permission to allow "support for research". [sent Tue, 02 Sep 2008 14:26:06 +0100, received 15 Sep 2008 04:17:25 -0400], fetched from citrix using user "", stored in /usr/groups/linux/xen/XenE/licence/, and made into a CL-xe-licence RPM.

Outstanding Problems

Below are problems with are still outstanding

1: pool-join fails

Adding the new Quad Core machines (sxp*) to the Dual Core pool ( fails as XenCenter detects that they are different. /proc/cpuinfo lists differences as: "fid vid" vs "pdpe1gb constant_tsc popcnt abm sse4a misalignsse 3dnowprefetch osvw ibs 100mhzsteps hwpstate [8]" so it's not all that surprising (link)

Adding them from the CLI with "xe pool-join" requires "force", and the machine isn't usable ("General" shows "0B", and "Network" shows the NIC assignment as being wrong). "Remove Server from Pool" doesn't work, so use "xe host-forget"

2: pool-join breaks NICs

Re-installing a Dual Core machine it ends up with NICs [01] Disconnected, and NICs [23] Connected as expected. As soon as the machine is joined to a pool of *IDENTICAL* machines (same CPUs, same XenE release, same MB, same memory) all NICs become disconnected, the Networks expected of the pool are they but connected incorrectly, and General reports Memory as Server 0B and Xen: 0B.

as if wrong version, but all are Citrix XenServer Host 4.1.0-7843p

"Could not find XenServer on godmanchester"

Refreshing does not fix it.

What is the network limit period?

Are bursts allowed?

Recommended iSCSI timeout setting for iSCSI SRs?

The defaults appear inappropriate, as any comms failure makes all domUs die

How can an iSCSI rescan be triggered?

When a new LUN is added, how can all pool members be made to find it?

Only some LUNs seen on first SR add

When attempting to add the first iSCSI SR, only a few LUNs are seen (changes on each scan).

HACK: Create a new initiator group, remap a free LUN to it, add the master iqn to the group. scan, and create the SR. ALL hosts join add thge SR. Then remove the group.

How is /etc/resolv.conf set

Two machines end up with no nameservers each time they reboot. Whence is the info copied? "xe pif-reconfigure" ? (link)

Can /etc/resolv.conf set search?

How can non root access system consoles

How should a user without root access to the dom0s gain access to a domU's console?

Can the dom0 root FS reside on Linux SW RAID1?

Can on HW RAID1

Can I insert a USB memory stick which pre-tailors a dom0 install?

Can arbitrary FV Linux systems be supported?

FV doesn't FV!

When is the next beta test available?

"a few weeks".

Fixed Problems

Below are problems which have been fixed

How are VLANs setup for a new machine?

Networking configuration is read from the pool on joining. sxp* gotcha is presumably due to more drastic problems.

What does an account need to use XenCenter?


How is a pool destroyed?

When finished with a test pool, how can the last machine be removed (to allow it to be added to another pool)? Reload :-(

Pending Problems

Below are problems which Citrix have said cannot currently be addressed.

How can non active VMs in a pool be hidden?

Only collapsing the whole pool causes non active machines to be hidden

Can Fedora 9 kernels be supported?

They use a different set of virtualisation calls (link)

Can the dom0 root FS reside on a USB memory stick?

Dell and HP support it, but not Citrix

How is memory-at-startup set?

What is the equivalent of


to default memory to 20GB, but allow ballooning to 31GB? Not supported yet.

dom0 with no local SR?

When loading the earlier versions of 4.1.0 I was asked whether to create a local SR. The GA version appears not to ask this, but to create an SR in the rest of the disk regardless. How can this be stopped? How can I "forget" the current ones? (XenCenter doesn't want to do it) "xe sr-destory" or "sr-forget" to remove, or use a PXE answerfile

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